A pentagram can also be created by iterating five affine compression transformations: an orthogonal pentagon is compressed to its five corners with a compression ratio of 1 to 0.618 to its five corners. So it can be made as follows.

1. Make points A and B. With the centre of A and 72° as the angle of rotation, rotate B four times in sequence to obtain four points. Connect B and these four points to form the pentagon BCDEF.

2. Using point A as the centre, scale points B, C, D, E and F to points B', C', D', E' and F' at a ratio of 0.618, F', as shown in the figure.

3. Create a new parameter n and make AB→B'B, AB→C'C, AB→D'D, AB→E'E, AB→F'F, with depth The final iteration with depth n, after hiding the vertices and edges of the pentagon BCDEF, results in a pentagonal star.

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